Hip Dysplasia Surgery at West Phoenix Veterinary Hospital

When hip dysplasia becomes a significant challenge for your beloved pet, West Phoenix Veterinary Hospital offers expert hip dysplasia surgery solutions in Phoenix, AZ. Our skilled veterinary surgeons are committed to improving your pet's mobility, comfort, and quality of life. Hip dysplasia surgery can be a transformative option for pets struggling with this orthopedic condition.

Hip dysplasia is a condition that affects the hip joint, causing pain, lameness, and reduced mobility. Surgical intervention may be necessary when other treatment options prove insufficient in managing your pet's discomfort. Our experienced veterinarians specialize in diagnosing the severity of hip dysplasia and recommending the most suitable surgical approach.

At West Phoenix Veterinary Hospital, we offer various surgical options for hip dysplasia, including femoral head and neck excision, total hip replacement, and juvenile pubic symphysiodesis. Each procedure is tailored to your pet's specific condition and needs. Our surgical team prioritizes safety and efficacy to provide your pet with the best possible outcome.

If you believe your pet may benefit from hip dysplasia surgery or if your veterinarian has recommended this option, it's essential to consult with our specialists at West Phoenix Veterinary Hospital. We will thoroughly assess your pet's condition, discuss the surgical options available, and provide you with the information and support you need to make an informed decision about your pet's care. Contact us at (602) 666-1289 to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward improving your pet's mobility and overall well-being. Your pet's comfort and health are our top priorities, and we are here to provide the best surgical care possible.